Hydrographic & Aquatic Surveying

Hydrography is the mapping and characterization of submerged land surfaces.  With the advent of high-accuracy GPS survey equipment, and advancements in depth-sounder and data integration software in the 1990's, Wilson developed new methods for performing bathymetric surveys to establish submerged surface elevations.  As a variety of sensors such as side-scan sonar, multi-beam bathymetric scanners, and sub-bottom profilers became viable consumer-grade technologies, Wilson expanded its skill base to provide richer surface, and sub-surface, data.

Wilson provides precise, verifiable marine and riverine topographic data, sub-bottom stratigraphy, and aquatic vegetation mapping services to Ports, Marina owners, and Flood-Plain Managers across Washington State. The services we provide include:

  • Bathymetric Mapping
  • Aquatic Surveys
  • Outfall Inspection
  • Marina Surveys
  • River Transects
  • Flood Plain Mapping
  • Marine Construction
  • Pre and Post Dredge

Key Projects

Skagit County - Swinomish Channel

Survey and delineation for marina development

Skagit County - Skagit River Delta Hydrography

Mapping (hydrographic and topographic) and GPS support for UW and US Naval research

Wenatchee River Hydrographic Project

Detailed bathymetric survey of the Wenatchee River for salmon enhancement structure design. Project required the development of innovative techniques and equipment for capturing precise data in rapids.