Construction Management

Construction management is the final phase of a project and often the most critical to ensuring that the engineered design is properly realized and the project owner gets what they paid for.  Our construction management services include reviewing material submittals, responding to requests for information or clarification (RFIs), processing pay requests and change orders and on-site inspection. 

Key Projects

Blaine - Reclaimed Water Reconveyance

Construction management and inspection services for reclaimed water reconveyance system which includes a reclaimed water pump station and reclaimed water forcemain/transmission main.

Lake Whatcom Water-Sewer District - Sewage Interceptor

Upgrades and additions to District sewer system including new six-mile sewer interceptor, two new pump stations, and major upgrades to key existing pump station.

Upper Skagit Indian Tribe - Helmick Rd Community Wastewater Improvements

Design through construction services and start-up for for small community on-site package Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System.