3D Scanning & Aerial Photogrammetry

Terrestrial (3D) Scanning - Wilson has been performing structural-analysis scans, architectural scans, and civil-design scans for more than ten (10) years and currently possess a Faro 150 laser scanner which is employed on a regular basis to capture data in areas that are dangerous to access or when a high amount of detail is required. Wilson uses Trimble Realworks to process the resulting point clouds, and has also demonstrated a unique level of competence in converting the notoriously unwieldy cloud data into useful CADD and REVIT products.

UAV (Drone) Surveys - Wilson possesses two survey grade drones and has successfully completed large scale mapping projects for monitoring, as-builts, civil design and planning purposes. The ability to capture large amounts of data in a matter of minutes in challenging environments makes the use of UAV technology highly desirable and cost effective.

Key Projects

Blaine - Reclaimed Water Force Main Topographic Survey

Topographic survey in support of design of reclaimed water pump station and 6,000 feet of force main.

Bellingham - South Hill Topography

Topographic survey of South Hill

Dutra Group Survey

Topographic, Hydrographic, and Construction Staking services for heavy marine construction. Set 100+ pilings for commercial docks, provided dredge as-built, and volumetric calculations.